Are luaus disrespectful?

Be Respectful of Hawaiian Culture Keep in mind that if you attend a luau, be it a private gathering hosted by Hawaiians or open to the general public, such as the ones we present here, you should always show the utmost respect for Hawaiian culture. Yes, because it makes light of the solemn ancient traditions of. Eat, drink, dance and have fun. Hawaiian luaus are rooted in tradition.

According to Aloha-Hawaii, in ancient times, Hawaiians celebrated traditional holidays to celebrate special occasions (such as the birth of a baby, a successful harvest, or victory in battle). It was a way of honoring and thanking the gods for all their good fortune. Nowadays, you can find luaus all over the island. They're a great way to learn about Hawaiian culture, sample delicious traditional Hawaiian food, and celebrate another day in this beautiful state.

However, keep an eye out for luaus that is too tourist-oriented. If you're going to attend a luau party, you have to do it right. A good way to know if a luau is worth it or not is to take a look at what is on the menu. If the menu skips traditional dishes such as kalua pork, salmon and poi, you'd probably better look elsewhere.

Lei is the Hawaiian word for garland or wreath. Leis are usually made of plumeria flowers, pikake flowers, orchid flowers or Maile leaves. I don't consider luaus as a “looting” of Hawaiian culture, but a way to keep it alive, remembered and experienced. Hawaiians love to teach us about their culture, and income supports native Hawaiians, since they are usually hired for jobs in luaus to give them a more authentic look.

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