Is a luau in oahu worth it?

In my opinion, I think it's definitely worth planning to go to a luau party on your Hawaiian vacation.


offers traditional Polynesian and Hawaiian food that you might not find on a resort menu. Unquestionably, this is considered the “best luau on Oahu” by most people. First of all, it is huge and so many people have attended this luau that there is more talk than most.

In addition, this luau checks all the boxes that most people look for in a luau. The Classic Package offers you back-row seats and an alcoholic drink and a Shell Lei greeting. The Splash Package offers you 2 drinks and better seats with the Celebrity Package that offers 2 Flower Lei drinks, welcome Mai Tai, front row seats and a souvenir photograph. It's fun for an experience similar to that of the Epoct Center, and the night show is great, but I don't consider it a luau.

The Performance is one of the best shows, at least when it comes to the Hotel Luau, although it cannot rival the best ones like the PCC. So this time, with our children 3 years older than our last trip, I wanted to book a luau and see for ourselves if it was worth the money. You keep having the same show, only you get the general seats, while the upgraded packages get the Luau and Super seats, which are closer or more centrally located. I haven't had the opportunity to visit Hawaii yet and have only heard a little bit about Luaus, so this information is interesting and useful as I plan to travel to Hawaii next year for a wedding.

Before luau activities begin, you can visit Hawaiian Village and participate in art and craft demonstrations. The patrons of the crowd flow well and are well built (for example, in many luaus you have to compete for a place to see the pig unearthed, but here they have a small amphitheater built so that everyone who wants to can have a privileged view. It's definitely not a “Mickey Mouse Luau” but if you can't stand the guy, hey, this is Disney. If you're planning a trip to Hawaii, it's likely that at some point in your research you came across the word “luau.” Germaine's Luau is what is called a backyard-style Luau, what this means is that it is a more relaxed approach than many and is meant to replicate more how real Hawaiians celebrate rather than the actual traditional Luau party.

Chief's Luau is presented by Chief Sielu, the original world champion fire knife dancer and Polynesian comedian. The opportunity to enjoy a couple (or more) of Mai Tai is part of the joy of a Luau, so driving should be avoided unless you are not drinking. Drinks included are great quality and the Luau's location is perfect for anyone in Waikiki.

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