Is luau worth the money?

In my opinion, I think it's definitely worth planning to go to a luau party on your Hawaiian vacation.


offers traditional Polynesian and Hawaiian food that you might not find on a resort menu. If you're planning your first trip to Hawaii, I definitely suggest booking a luau. It's an easy way to get into Hawaiian culture.

I used to be surprised when people told me they didn't know what a Hawaiian luau was (some thought it was a fancy dinner). It's fun for an experience similar to that of the Epoct Center, and the night show is great, but I don't consider it a luau. Some luaus are mixed in potato salad (my favorite) and others have grated carrots, but otherwise it's mostly macaroni, mayonnaise and a little spices. So, since I run a travel site in Hawaii, I felt compelled to write a post explaining what a luau is (and what it isn't), describing what to expect, and showing some of the best luaus in Hawaii.

One of the most popular luaus on Big Island is the Luau Voyagers of the Pacific at the Royal Kona Resort. You can find a Hawaiian luau at a variety of prices and there's sure to be one near your Hawaii hotel or even at your Hawaii resort hotel. Honestly, many luaus are aimed at tourists and feature cheesy jokes, mediocre dances and lots of alcohol. I know that when people pack their bags for their trip to Hawaii, they always ask what to wear to a luau party in Hawaii.

However, it is becoming fashionable to offer smaller, more intimate luaus that focus on good food, quality hula dancing and lots of small group activities. If you're planning a trip to Hawaii, it's likely that at some point in your research you came across the word “luau.” While most people think that luaus only include Hawaiian hula dances, it's actually quite rare that they only have Hawaiian dancing. Not only do they have a nice luau and theatrical presentation, but you can also participate in tons of great hands-on activities. Total revelation in that I have friends who dance for them, but they are absolutely the funniest luau for me.

If you booked a large luau, expect to sit at a long, rectangular table with others you may or may not know.

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