How much does a hawaiian luau cost?

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Kailua-Kona is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Big Island, making this luau a convenient place to visit. While some luau still offer traditional seating on mattresses, guests can also enjoy the luau at long communal tables. Whether it's your first trip to Hawaii or your tenth, attending a Hawaiian luau (Hawaiian party) is one of the best ways to experience culture. Held at the Royal Lahaina Resort, The Myths of Maui luau will take you on a Polynesian journey with songs and dances from Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa and New Zealand.

That said, a trip to Hawaii is usually a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, and a Hawaiian luau is an important part of that experience. While there aren't as many luau to choose from as on the other Hawaiian Islands, it won't matter, because it's one of the best luau in Hawaii that you'll want to make the trip for regardless of which island you're staying on. Many luaus begin with an imu ceremony, during which the roast pork is dug up before the pork is shredded and added to the buffet table. Other dishes commonly served in luaus include poke, lomi lomi salmon, chicken huli huli, sweet potatoes, long rice with chicken, macaroni salad, Hawaiian rolls and pineapple.

Traditionally, luaus are scheduled to include the magnificent Hawaiian sunset and usually last between 2 and 3 hours. Whenever you're not fighting jet lag, try to attend your first Hawaiian luau as soon as you can after you arrive in Hawaii. From food to entertainment, a luau is a fantastic way to learn and enjoy local dishes, history and culture. For both men and women, bright colors such as lemon yellow, lime green, ocean blue, sunset orange and cherry red are good luau colors.

Other honorable mentions include Paradise Cove Luau and Germaine's Luau, also some of the best luaus in Hawaii. You'll get a real idea of what Polynesian and traditional Hawaiian culture is in an extremely fun and entertaining way that's great whether you're a group of friends or you're on a family trip. With a whole roast pig unearthed from a buried oven, hula dancers in grass skirts and bare breasted fire dancers, a luau is a festive experience not to be missed in Aloha State.

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