How do you pick a luau in hawaii?

The key to choosing a great luau is cultural accuracy. You'll want to find an event that serves delicious Hawaiian and Polynesian delights, such as kalua pork, taro, and poke. Entertainment should also include authentic demonstrations such as the traditional hula or the turning of Samoan fire knives. Ka Moana Luau is located in Oahu's Sea Life Park and your luau ticket is also valid to enter the park.

You have seven days to use it, so you don't even have to visit it on the same day as the luau. You will walk a part of it on your way to the dining area, even if you don't spend any other time there. Read our full review of the Ka Moana Luau at Sea Life Park and learn how to save on it and other Oahu tours. One of the most authentic luaus on Oahu is the Experience Nutridge Luau in Honolulu, Hawaii.

It is the complete opposite of a “tourist luau”. Instead, it's a very intimate event that will make you feel like you're hanging out in your aunt's backyard. If you want to make a luau on Oahu that incorporates Polynesian traditions in a non-touristy way, you'll definitely want to book the Experience Nutridge Luau. One of the best luaus on North Shore Oahu is Toa Luau, located in the Waimea Valley, near Haleiwa.

It is a family-run oahu luau that even incorporates children to give guests the best possible experience. If you book Toa Luau, you'll also get free admission to the Waimea Valley, where you can explore the cultural park and even swim in a waterfall. Since it's located on the North Shore of Oahu, you'll want to have plenty of time to drive from Waikiki. Paradise Cove Luau is one of the largest in Oahu and can accommodate several hundred people.

There is also a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs if you want. The best Maui luaus for couples and adults are generally aimed at a smaller audience. They serve food at the table instead of a buffet line, offer a more authentic cultural show, and have fewer segments of audience participation during the show. These luaus generally don't discount their tickets.

Some Hawaiian luaus also combine park tickets or discounts (Aquarium, Polynesian Cultural Center, Wet n' Wild, Sea Life, Waimea Valley). Here are some questions to ask to help you decide which Maui luau is best for you and your family. A trip to the Hawaiian Islands almost always includes at least one iconic luau, and you want it to be the best luau in Hawaii for you, that is, the one that best suits your available time and personal interests. The award-winning Ali'i Luau takes guests on a nostalgic journey back in time to learn about Hawaiian royalty while enjoying traditional Hawaiian luau food and entertainment, cultural demonstrations and excellent service.

Consistently chosen as one of Hawaii's best luaus, Smith Family Garden Luau is offered in the family's 30-acre garden along the Wailua River. Learn more about the history and tradition of luau in the Hawaiian Islands in the Culture section of the website. The three-hour luau also includes a visit to Polynesian Village, where guests can enjoy activities such as weaving lau hala and throwing spears. Complementing the concept of the show is a sumptuous buffet dinner with a modern twist on traditional luau food.

If you're staying at Ka'anapali Beach, there's no luau more convenient than the Drums of Pacific Luau at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa on the resort's Sunset Terrace. Most luaus offer a discount if you buy tickets at least 10 days before the event, so you can save a little money by planning ahead. Queen's Waikiki Luau is located at Imperial Hawaii Resort Hotel and is the only luau housed in a penthouse, giving a modern touch of luxury to traditional luau. And since you can find luaus on all four major islands, it's easy to choose one that best suits your location.

Once staying at Sea Life Park in Waimanalo, Chief's Luau has now moved to Wet'n'Wild water park in sunny Kapolei. . .

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