Is a luau worth it in oahu?

In my opinion, I think it's definitely worth planning to go to a luau party on your vacation in Hawaii.


offer traditional Polynesian and Hawaiian food that you might not find on a resort menu. Unquestionably, this is considered the “best luau” on Oahu by most people. First of all, it's huge and so many people have been to this luau that they talk more about it than most.

In addition, this luau checks all the boxes that most people look for in a luau. Is it worth queuing to get into Paradise Cove Luau? Or should you try something out of the ordinary? Do you just want an answer? Paradise Cove Luau is our best option. The best luau on oahu offers all of that and more, starting with hotel pick-up. The view of the sunset in the coastal setting of Paradise Cove Luau warmly welcomes you, followed by a traditional Hawaiian lei and a Mai Tai cocktail.

This 5.5-hour experience is fully customizable, from your lei design to pre-dinner activities and post-dinner memories. Chief Sielu, a world champion dancer and comedian of fire knives, guides you through 2 hours of cultural immersion. You launch into an interactive and creative narrative of the Polynesian islands, where experienced artists show off their musical and dance talents. The Toa Luau in the Waimea Valley is more than just a traditional spectacle; it's a reminder that everything comes from nature and returns to it in due course.

Another well-established Hawaiian luau is the Ka Moana Luau. Checking all the checkboxes of a traditional luau, the 3-hour experience begins at sunset and culminates with an incredible dance of the Sword of Fire. Once the lei is placed in its rightful place (around the neck, that is), visitors are divided into several cultural activities. Then, you'll be taken to the buffet table, which comes with a bar menu for over 18s.

Award-winning production follows and highlights Hawaiian and Polynesian traditions. There's also an unexpected perk: all Ka Moana Luau tickets include entry to Sea Life Park. Presented by a legitimate cultural representative, this is one of the best luaus to live in Oahu. Whether you are going for the most basic package of the Polynesian Islands or the exclusive Super Ambassador concert, your trip begins with a tour of 6 villages on the island.

Lively, flashy, slightly less charged: Rock-A-Hula is an unconventional luau that elevates the show to Broadway proportions. When you're ready, settle into the mezzanine for the Rock-A-Hula show. The luau lasts around 3 hours, includes lei greetings, a tropical buffet and the Starlight Show. Meanwhile, dinner and drinks come in threes (3-course meal and 3 drink coupons), enough to satisfy the palate.

On the other hand, the high price increases expectations and not everyone feels that this luau is delivered. That's not a deal breaker for me (especially since the drinks served in most luaus really leave a lot to be desired), but I know it's for some. If that's a deal breaker for you, I suggest Germaine's Luau or Paradise Cove in Ko Olina. The Luau Feast is quite typical, with everything you expect, but nothing to really make it stand out, but it's a good feast.

While it comes at a very low price, it doesn't offer the traditional Luau show that really makes a Luau worth visiting. The Diamond Head Luau was always a premium Luau, but now it has been transformed into an ultra-premium farm-to-table gourmet Luau. The Alii Luau package offers Flower Lei, premium seating and access to the real Luau party with authentic Imu presentation and Luau seating in the lush downtown gardens. Paradise Cove Luau is an award-winning luau held on the beach of the luxurious Ko Olina Resort on Oahu's west coast.

Located on a private beach, Luau de Germaine offers a traditional luau in the backyard with Hawaiian-style dining, tropical drinks, Polynesian performances and a thrilling fire knife dance. Chief's Luau is presented by Chief Sielu, the original world champion fire knife dancer and Polynesian comedian. Since you already pay for the dinner package when you make reservations, chances are you won't have an additional bill at the luau. Today, a Hawaiian luau is often referred to as a free dinner package that allows guests to enjoy Polynesian food, entertainment and cultural shows.

While this show can be enjoyed alone, you can link the two together and enjoy both for a more conventional dinner and Luau show experience. It's a great luau option for people who stay at Waikiki Beach and don't want to spend two hours going back and forth from the other popular Hawaiian luaus on Oahu. . .

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