What is the purpose of a luau?

The Luau, an ancient Polynesian and Hawaiian ritual, is a popular social gathering aimed at uniting the people of a city in celebration of an important life event, achievement, war victory or launching a new canoe. The luau really gained popularity with the growth of tourism in Hawaii. The ocean liners of the 30s to 50s brought tourists eager to experience Hawaiian customs and food and entertainment. Hula girls and ukuleles became the iconic image of Hawaii during the time.

As a celebration of life, a luau is a unique holiday that brings together family and friends around various recreations and hobbies. In its simplest form, a luau is a Hawaiian party where a group of people gather to celebrate and celebrate an event. Nowadays, a luau party can celebrate a milestone such as a wedding, graduation or birthday. However, in ancient times luaus were celebrated to observe a victory in battle, a bountiful harvest or the like.

When attending a luau party, food is sometimes included in the rate and other times it is not. If not included in the bill, leave a 15 percent to 20 percent tip of the total bill for excellent service and 10 percent for poor treatment. In all circumstances, you should not leave a tip lower than 10%. While modern Hawaiian luaus are celebrated daily on all islands as a way to gather visitors and residents in a celebratory feast under the stars, with common entertainment such as live music, hula dancing, lei making, Samoan fire knife dancing, imu ceremonies, storytelling, a dinner party Buffet and fluid assortment of tropical cocktails, the Hawaiian luaus of the past, although also a great event, were generally very different in terms of general purpose and style.

As tourists come to Hawaii looking to immerse themselves in culture, the luau has expanded into a multi-purpose party without the need for any occasion.

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