How much does a luau cost in oahu?

There are a lot of luaus on Oahu, but we've picked out some of the best ones we think you should consider. Take a night out and enjoy a Hawaiian celebration with great food, music, song and dancing. A very fun luau located right in Waikiki with Diamond Head as the backdrop, this farm-to-table luau gets all the food locally to make you feel the authenticity of this traditional luau. A Hawaiian luau offers the opportunity to try popular Luau foods, such as Kalua roasted pork, Lomi Lomi salmon, fresh fish from the island and Poi, which is made with cooked and crushed taro root.

If you arrive in Hawaii and didn't book in advance, don't worry, you'll most likely find a luau to attend. That's not a deal breaker for me (especially since the drinks served in most luaus really leave a lot to be desired), but I know it's for some. The Disney luau goes a little unnoticed due to its size and the fact that it caters mainly to resort guests, but if you have small children (say 9 years old or younger) it's hard to beat. Enjoying a Hawaiian luau is a great activity to plan your vacation, especially for the first-time visitor.

This Hawaiian luau offers a unique setting unlike any other: it is located on Mount Tantalus, surrounded by tropical rainforest and tropical flora and offers spectacular views of Honolulu, from Waikiki to Pearl Harbor. We try to keep up with luau schedules, prices and other useful information, which is quite a challenge considering that luau operators can change important aspects without notice. The price of a luau usually includes a buffet dinner, drinks, a Polynesian dance and music show, and gratuities. You can find a luau almost every night of the week, but not every luau is offered every night.

It is not attached to a resort, so the grounds dedicated to the luau are built for people to come in and out expertly. Give yourself a day or two to adjust to Hawaii time and don't feel tired or sleepy at the luau party. So how do I know I don't recommend a specific luau that I've never been to? Well, I've been to luaus long enough to know what I like and what I don't like.

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