What island in hawaii has the best luau?

Pre-show activities for luau party guests include an opportunity to meet the artists and discuss history with them. With Hawaiian music adding to the magical setting under the stars at Hawaii Lawn, guests can enjoy a buffet dinner with traditional Hawaiian fare and contemporary favorites prepared by chefs at Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa at Keauhou Bay. The cultural journey begins with demonstrations of Hawaiian crafts and games, followed by the traditional imu ceremony. Guests enjoy a sumptuous buffet while hula dancers and musicians entertain themselves.

After dinner, the main 45-minute show begins as dancers take to the stage to share the ancient Hawaiian legend of Kalamaku (son of the new earth) and the incredible and perilous journey of the Polynesians from Tahiti to Kauai. Sheraton Kauai Resort's 'Auli'i Luau is located on the sands of crescent-shaped Poipu Beach and is Kauai's only beachfront luau. Visitors can connect with Kauai's rich history and culture, traditional culinary foods and tropical delights with the blue Pacific Ocean and bright orange sunset as a stunning backdrop. A Guide to Attending Luaus on Kauai Visit Kauai Kilohana Plantation and Luau Kalamaku.

Lahaina, Maui This luau on Maui always receives top honors in this category and is at nearly 100 percent capacity each year. First developed in 1986, it was created to provide a more culturally sensitive presentation in Hawaii's tourist entertainment economy and is today considered a leader in the industry. In one of its latest developments, the menu includes a uala (Hawaiian sweet potato beer) from Maui Brewing Co. Exclusive to the luau and considered by one of our editors to be the most authentic luau show he has attended recently.

Ko Olina, Oahu A 20-year-old pillar of the island known as The Gathering Place, this luau on the opposite side of Oahu takes you miles from Waikiki. It offers several luau packages that include daytime activities such as indigenous games and a hukilau ceremony, where guests not only watch fishing nets get off the beach, but also participate. Kapaa, Kauai For more than 50 years, this has been considered the reference luau in Kauai. Four generations of the Smith family orchestrate this establishment located in Kauai's Wailua River Valley, where they promise to “make sure you don't go hungry.

Hawaiian hula, Tahitian drum dancing and Samoan dancing with a fire knife provide the pulse of your entertainment. According to a “Best of Maui” Poll, Old Lahaina Luau in Maui is a Perennial Winner. The Frommers say that authenticity, cultural integrity, hospitality and romantic beauty make it the best luau on the island. What began as Old Lahaina Café has grown over the years.

Owners claim 100 percent occupancy, 7 days a week. Its offer is traditional Hawaiian cuisine, cultural dances, music and demonstrations, all while admiring the sunset overlooking the sea. If you want to enjoy authentic Hawaiian music, dance, sing, tell stories or do crafts, you don't have to go to a luau. Nestled on the oceanfront grounds of Sheraton Kauai Coconut Beach Resort, this luau will take you on a musical journey around the islands.

This is the only luau in the state of Hawaii that offers farm-to-table cuisine, so if fresh and healthy food is a top priority, be sure to look further. Located in Lahaina, next to the beach at 505 Front Street, it is the smallest but most intimate luau on the island, putting you and your loved ones at a table by the beach. Guests can enjoy dance and music from various Polynesian cultures, including Aotearoa (New Zealand), Samoa, Tahiti and of course Hawaii. Incredibly immersive, your luau experience begins with a Mai Tai greeting and a casual stroll through a Hawaiian village so you can learn crafts and play.

A journey through a very special moment in Hawaiian history highlights the Keauhou Bay birth of Kauikeauoli, which became Kamehameha III; the surf stories of He'eia Bay; the Battle of Kuamo'o; and how Kamehameha III bridged the gap of many ancient traditions by taking people from his kingdom to a new era. The hotel's executive chef oversees the preparation of a wide variety of traditional Hawaiian cuisine, as well as other local influences. The luau show is quite extensive, with dances from several Polynesian islands and music over the centuries. Guests are greeted with Hawaiian shell lei, an imu ceremony and even guests get up on stage to learn dances together.

But a much better description is that this is a cultural experience, an act of hospitality, and one of the most memorable things you can do during your visit to Hawaii. On the grounds of the magnificent Hyatt Regency Maui Hotel & Resort, “Drums of the Pacific Polynesian Spectacular” (a Tihati production) features authentic dance and music from Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand, Tahiti, Tonga and Rarotonga. The luau banquet offers traditional dishes such as kalua pork, beef teriyaki, chicken adobo and sweet and sour mahi-mahi, as well as lomi salmon, fresh poi, Hawaiian sweet potato, macaroni salad, namasu salad and numerous tropical desserts. Smith Family Garden Luau's entertainment program includes Hawaiian hula dances, Tahitian drum dances and Samoan fire knife dances.

It is one of the largest and most visited luau in Hawaii, and as the name suggests, it is ideal for bosses. . .

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