Are luaus free on maui?

Another great place to see a free hula show on Maui is the Queen Ka'ahumanu Center. The show is a perfect representation of the Aloha spirit and is a short drive from the Old Wailuku Inn. While you can find free hula shows (dancing), there are no free luaus, which include food & entertainment. This is the luau at the Royal Lahaina Resort Hotel.

It's similar to the Hyatt luau and is fun for the whole family. It's usually the cheapest luau on Maui because multi-activity vendors discount it. That pioneering event in 1819 became known not as luau (in fact, in the traditional sense, “luau refers to a prized dish of chicken and taro cooked in coconut milk) but as an “aha'aina” literally, a “meeting for a meal”. And what meetings were they.

In 1847, King Kamehameha III organized a party that included 271 pigs, 2,245 coconuts, 3,125 salted fish and more than 4,000 kalo plants, a staple food of kanaka maoli comprising poi. Although the Covid-19 coronavirus has stopped all Maui's luaus, when things work again, the Sheraton and Grand Luau are incredible. All 5 listed on this page are great. Free performances on Maui celebrate Hawaii's cultural dance.

Attendance is limited to 40 guests, compared to other luaus where the audience is in the hundreds, this means that each guest gets a good seat. Luaus Kihei & Wailea Wailea offers beautiful gardens by the sea for your luaus, where you can enjoy wonderful shows, great food and a spectacular sunset. The Luaus in Hawaii offers an excellent opportunity to witness cultural demonstrations, sample local food and see a Hula show. That said, there are no luaus on Maui (or probably in the state of Hawaii) that don't allow children.

Visit the Things to Do on Maui page for luaus, whale watching, snorkeling, hiking, helicopters, horseback riding, ATV, dinner cruises, parasailing, fishing, zip lining, cycling, golf, hiking, sightseeing, aquarium, the road to Hana, volcano, Lahaina, lavender farm, beaches, fun for kids and family, and more. When deciding which of these Maui luaus is right for you, consider the location of the luau relative to where you are staying while you are on Maui. In many of these luaus, especially with preferential tickets, you will be greeted with a lei of fresh flowers. The traditional luaus attended by native Hawaiians fostered their connection to the land, as meals were served and eaten on lauhala mats on the ground.

See below for a discussion of several of the specific luau available on Maui, to answer all of these questions and more, and to help you choose the best Maui luau for your own needs and budget. So what are the differences between the different Maui luaus available? Which are the best for children and which are the best for adults? Need to book your Maui luau in advance before you arrive in Maui? Which luaus offer discounted prices? Completing Maui's 7 best luaus, the Sheraton Kaanapali Maui Nui Luau is held at the Sheraton Maui and starts at sunset. For most, no Hawaiian party is complete without attending at least one 'aha'aina, and almost every major island features luaus of epic proportions.

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