How much do you tip at a luau?

At a luau party, sometimes food is included in the price and sometimes not. If not included, then tip 15% to 20% of the check for good service and 10% for poor service. You should not leave a tip lower than 10% in any case. Like a restaurant waiter or stylist, it is customary to tip 20% for good service in a spa.

Feel free to tip 15% for standard service and over 20% for stellar service. Unlike a restaurant waiter, a spa worker is paid a full salary, so they can tip less than 10% for poor service. The only exception to tipping a stylist or spa service is when the owner serves you. In that case, a tip is not required, but it is still appreciated if they provide a good service.

Tipping is an important part of American culture. This is partly because most people in the service industry earn less than the minimum wage. This is because companies expect servers to receive part of their paycheck through tips. Tipping is especially important in Hawaii because the cost of living is so high.

Your waiter deserves a tip at the end of an excellent service. Some luaus have a meal included in the price, but others don't. You must leave a tip of 15% to 20% if it is not included in the check and 10% if the service was poor.

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